Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal is the analog for the digital age. It was developed by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. And this is his genius idea involving a few basic principles that can suit all of your needs and wishes. It is a system that is designed to list and …

Essential Oils For Productivity

“Food nourishes the body, but flowers heal the soul.” – Old Proverb I have always been interested in productivity. I am pretty much of a total procrastinator, but reading and trying suggested ways to get around procrastination is sometimes very helpful and motivating. Essences can help you focus, meditate, and study more effectively. I also …

Gallery Post Format

This is an example of a Gallery Post Format. Combined with Jetpack’s Tiled Galleries and Carousel features, quickly create an impressive gallery with ease.

Image Post Format

This is an example of an Image Post Format. Showcase just a single image as your post, or include an optional text caption as well.