It is nice to be in the month of March. Still some wobbly weather in store. We even have some snow this week (the next three days), although it warms up and doesn’t stick to the ground. Still, I feel it is one of the cozy months. I am anxious to see the buds on the trees in the yard. When they are in full bloom, our home becomes glorious with all the leaves swaying in the wind and the neighbor’s homes are not much in our view. Spring cleaning comes to mind in March. Still organizing drawers and paperwork galore. Taxes are on the to-do list today and probably most of tomorrow. It will be great to get this accomplished.

I have some Life Hacks for you today to help you accomplish your to-do list. 

I hope you enjoy them.

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Hi there: I am Babette, I am married to a wonderful man who indulges most of my wishes. We live in the Pacific Northwest and love the beautiful scenery everywhere around us. I like to create printables, love to read and learn new things. I also love to cook, sometimes inventing along the way.

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