The Google Dictionary describes a Muse as a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.  I think bloggers rely on the help of a muse to be a source of inspiration and creativity.

At times, our “muse” will butt in and flower us with all the colors, ideas and guidance we could possibly need, she wants to help.

Though sometimes, this wondrous personified force becomes feels indifferent to our needs and hard to reach?

So, how do we get in touch with “her?”

When you find that you cannot create or move forward on a project, you can let go and do something else. Take a warm bath, go for a walk, eat an apple, stop trying so hard. Do some other kind of work, let her find you engaged in something else, this is often all it takes.  She may need to sense our emotional need for something to say or create.

I have an idea that we need to feel her inspirational guidance. The ways that we might help her help us is to learn to be quiet and listen, perhaps meditating would be a good start.

Other ideas would be to have a quiet cup of tea being still and listening.  A tea sipping moment might be inspired when you use this tea,  Try this “Imperial White Tea Leaves from Himalayas.”

Cleaning up our creative space might help and sometimes loosens the blockage that we have been under.  At other times, I like to take a drive in the countryside, admiring the seasons and being inspired by nature. The beach is also a wonderful place to go and maybe collect something from the seashore.

Where did the Muse or Muses originate? They come from Greek Mythology. The Muses were the 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne and each of them charged with overseeing intellectual and artistic endeavors.

Their names:

Erato -Love Poetry
Euterpe – Lyric Poetry
Kalliope – Epic Poetry
Klio – History
Melpomene – Tragedy
Polyhymnia – Sacred Poetry
Terpsichore – Choral Dance
Thalia – Comedy
Urania – Astronomy

I’m not sure which daughters could help the creativeness, but guess they would step in as needed for any element of creativity.

So, this morning I thought of her, the “Muse”, and ideas began to flow.   I cleared out a LOT of papers, cutting off the addresses from old mail, sorting out files and filing other papers. I was even inspired to get ready to do the yearly taxes.

Let me know if you get inspired when you have some quiet teatime moments?

May the creativity be with you!

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Hi there: I am Babette, I am married to a wonderful man who indulges most of my wishes. We live in the Pacific Northwest and love the beautiful scenery everywhere around us. I like to create printables, love to read and learn new things. I also love to cook, sometimes inventing along the way.

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